St. Albert's Mission Hospital, Northern Zimbabwe
Welcome to St. Albert’s Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe. Let us share our adventures with you. They can be exciting, touching, and at times heart rending, but when friends are around, burdens become light.

Elizabeth Tarira, MD, director
Dr. Elizabeth and children and
Dr. Elizabeth Tarira with Mrs. Muchena and four of her orphaned grandchildren
during a home visit by St. Albert’s home-based care team.

The women doctors of St. Albert's Mission Hospital need your help. They are struggling to care for the sick and injured who come to the hospital; provide counseling, testing and treatment to pregnant women and those with HIV/AIDS; maintain a home-based care program, provide school fees and sometimes food to orphans; train desperately needed nurses and raise crops to feed patients.

Their job is made frustratingly difficult because of Zimbabwe’s collapsing economy – inflation rates sometimes climb above 1,000 percent (the highest in the world). They face chronic shortages of fuel, electricity and water. The Zimbabwe government lacks hard currency, so even basic supplies and equipment are in short supply. Many medical specialists have fled the country, leaving them to care for patients they would normally refer to other physicians.

We have started this website to show you the work of these worthy doctors and to help them and the poor in this rural area of northern Zimbabwe overlooking the Zambezi Valley. Any contribution is appreciated.

Darrell E. Ward, a friend of St. Albert’s and website sponsor.


The International Medical Association
A society of lay women missionaries

This millennium has a challenge: Caring for the ill in our disadvantaged villages. If God says, “Whom shall I send? Who will be our health worker to serve these sick people?”

If you answer, “Here I am, send me,” you may want to learn more about the International Medical Association (IMA).

Truly, our day is in want of dedicated, generous souls who work among the sick and bring Jesus silently to them in hospitals, rural clinics, laboratories, counseling centers, and homes. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, lab scientists, pharmacists, nutritionists, opticians, and other healthcare professionals are needed.

Is the Lord calling you? Do you want to know more?

Contact: The Secretary IMA, St. Albert’s Hospital, P. Bag 9047, Centenary, Zimbabwe

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